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You can get a dose of bibliotherapy just by visiting certain bookstores—and Portugal’s Livraria Lello may be the world’s ultimate bibliobalm.

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Roman city of ConÍmbriga, Portugal

What fascinated us about the Roman city of ConÍmbriga in Portugal were the intricate mosaics, uncovered and open to the sky— still intact after 2,000 years! Think of it. How will our living room floors look in 4019? Especially if we left them roofless and open to the elements for centuries?

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Were I four decades younger and had the means to live in any city in the world, the white cobblestones of Lisbon would be a strong contender for my wandering feet. Magellan agrees. Lisbon is in his triumvirate of top cities. But a decade from now, the seven hills of Lisbon could be too much of a challenge.

If we were living there, we’d have an annual membership at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, now that we know it’s so intriguing.

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The Golden Age of Discovery. Such a good tagline for Lisbon with its many attractions linked to world explorers, like Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan. We loved this city of light (three thousand hours of sunshine per year!) bouncing off cobblestones of pearly white, of famed attractions like the Discoveries Monument, Jeronimos Monastery and churches gilted with gold from the “new world.” But my strongest image of Lisbon has nothing to do with legendary icons. In the light of September, near the Tile Museum in a neighbourhood where poverty has engraved its markings, I found the essence of Lisbon. Small paintings on outdoor walls, the animated lyricism of a little girl in her golden years of discovery, the artistic expression of Ernest Zacharevic. Read more

Think of your favourite cities to visit.

What do they have in common?

Vibrance. Culture. Events. Economic stability. A unique sense of place.

Chances are they’re university cities. Like Coimbra in Portugal, where Magellan and I were last year on homecoming weekend in early September.

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Henry Moore's Reclining Figure

“Lisbon Has Become One of Europe’s Hottest Art Capitals. How Did That Happen?”

Last year shortly after this headline appeared on ArtNet, Lisbon bookended our visit to other destinations in Portugal and Spain’s Picos de Europa. At the beginning of our trip In the cab on our way into Lisbon, we stopped at Zest Books to pick up the company’s two volumes and accompanying maps of Street Art Lisbon. But during our first two-day visit, we didn’t see much art, unless you count exploring Pessoa’s literary art. So we were looking forward to our return. Read more