Success at Mercado Benito Juárez in Oaxaca in the search for vanilla beans; the difficulty was to come--how to keep them fresh?

Vanilla, pretty exciting actually

I love vanilla.  Always have.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream, especially vanilla bean ice cream. Vanilla sauce, warm or cold, on fresh berries or poached

Mom in her room at Birchview Home laughing at something, September 2018

Mom, Leo, George and me

I was not an ideal daughter. (Watch the comments section for confirmation from my siblings, cousins, aunts…) But in mom’s last years, blind, immobile, in

Magellan, the Desert Fox, and Spice, the Desert Rabbit, in Oman’s Empty Quarter created using AI by Suzanne Reeves of Art+Soul Design in a layered-paper style

Our 400th blog

On the first Sunday in August 2015, we launched, in which our firstpost answered The Question, “In your around-the-world-trip, what was your favourite place?”—our two