PB's Comet, a delightful tale of a star-gazing lamb calculating, like Edmond Halley did when he was at Tors Cove, when the next comet would stream across the sky

Cometic Newfoundland

You could say Newfoundland is like a comet, bright and shiny and on its own trajectory in a corner of our country. There’s another reason

One of our favourite places in Menorca was Cala Pregonda

Menorca/Minorca #1 Blog: Cala Pregonda

“Ah, Menorca,” sighed Jordi, a man we met at La Confiteria, when we told him we’d spent almost three weeks there, his voice softening an

Millefoglia con crema alla grappa e rabarbaro transformed into Phyllo with Grappa Cream and Rhubarb

Our Favourite Rhubarb Dessert

“What’s in this?” Whenever I serve my favourite rhubarb dessert, this is first question someone asks. The recipe’s Italian title, Millefoglia con crema alla grappa