About Us

‘Spice’ (Gloria) and ‘Magellan’ (Kerry)


The Spanish have a joyous word for we freedom-65 retirees: jubilados. “Magellan,” a.k.a. Kerry is the scientific and technical jubilado. “Spice,” a.k.a. Gloria, the flavourista and writer. Here we share our stories and navigation tips for independent travellers. Read more

 The first thing you might wonder is: what does Latitidue65 mean? Especially since Latitude 65° north is on the Dempster Highway, south it’s the Antarctic, and we live in Vancouver. Good question.

We are retired, recently entered our eighth decade on this planet—and celebrated 50 years of marriage. Travelling was a big part of Magellan’s career in oil and gas: Iran in the ’70s, Paris in the ’80s, New York in the ’90s, Guyana in the ’00s. Now he has the latitude to bike up Burnaby Mountain, customize Latitude65.ca and map our places to stay, eat and sightsee on My Scenic Drive. After teaching, Spice worked in travel and marketing before starting Perspectives, a writing and communications company. Now she has the freedom to master recipes like Banh Xeo and read beyond page 230 in In Search of Lost Time. (Now you know why we call each other Magellan and Spice.)

We share a passion for active, independent travel. Over the years, that’s included hiking the West Coast Trail, listening to Keith Jarrett at Carnegie Hall and tasting our first zucchini blossoms under an olive grove in the Skiathos countryside. One of the first trips we took after Magellan turned 65 was to Spain, a country we’ve fallen in love with along with and returned to many times, its melodious word for retirees—jubilados—which features in our tagline.

Our theory about travel, backed by research, is akin to the ingredients of a good sandwich. The trip itself is the savoury filling sandwiched between two slices of crusty bread: one on top for thoughtful planning and another on the bottom for preserving memories.

What will you find on this site?

Stories of our retirement travels—post 65 years of age. Resources for a deeper appreciation of our favourite spots. Ideas. Insight. Intelligence. Inspiration.

Cheers, to jubilant travels.