Jubilados (Spanish for retirees) savouring the journey

Chosen carefully, planned well and travelled independently

Stories of global travel adventures from Gloria and Kerry, a.k.a. Spice and Magellan

Woody Point Gets It Write

✓ Friendly & witty people (see our blog “That’s Some Family”) ✓ Naturally beautiful setting in a national park (Gros Morne) ✓ Excellent hiking (after May, as

Our Favourite Restaurant in Mexico

“Oaxaca, the belly of Mexico.” “The country’s culinary capital.”  “To chefs what Paris was to painters.”  One of the reasons I wanted to go to

Bear Watching at Chinitna Bay in Alaska

“Is there a photo you have to have from this trip?” our guide Doug asked in Anchorage at the introductory dinner to our photo tour.  “Whatever