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“In our family there is a story that repeats itself again and again,” Norway’s Prince Haakon said in a speech at the palace garden. “Let me use myself as an example. I arrive at a mountain cabin, let’s say one of the public DNT cabins, in the middle of nowhere, quite proud of myself for managing such a big trek, and I am greeted by cheerful hosts who say, ‘It’s so lovely to see you! Your mother was here a month ago.’”

His mother, HM Queen Sonja, is so renowned for her love of hiking that the Norwegian Trekking Association, (the DNT) made her an honourary member. Her son gave the above speech at the unveiling of a statue of Queen Sonja on her 80th birthday.

After hiking HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramatur Trail (The Queen’s Panoramic Hiking Trail, also called Dronningstien—in Norwegian Dronning means Queen), we can see why it is one of her favourite hikes and  bears her royal name.

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