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In the language of New Zealand’s indigenous Māori, the word Moeraki means “drowsy day.”

We were ready for a drowsy day, for Moeraki. The previous day we woke up before the sun in Auckland, drove slowly to the airport (because a tire on our rental car had blown out on the freeway and we were now poking along with a dinky spare), almost missed the flight to Christchurch because of limited service to the airport from the car rental company’s remote location, spent two hours learning about Kohanga (the motorhome we were renting) and then stocking her with supplies, drove three hours to a campsite and then maneuvered Kohanga down a darkened detour road for a renowned seafood dinner at Fleur’s (and back). Whew!

We were ready for the easy thirty-minute stroll from our campsite down Koekohe Beach to the famous Moeraki Boulders—nature’s biggest beach balls. One of the most unusual beach formations in the world.

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