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“Damn,” we swore, arriving on a Monday to find the Côa Museum closed, its Brutalist architecture looking not unlike the walls of a dam. We had come to see Vila Nova de Foz Côa, 5,000 pieces of open-air rock art, ancient engravings created by artists who peopled the banks of the Côa River—22,000 years ago! Described as the first manifestation of Land Art, the origin of symbolic artistry and the genesis of cultural development, it is an unrivalled source for understanding Palaeolithic art and illuminating the lives of our early ancestors.

Droga barragem (“Damn dam“) was what a lot of Portuguese citizens likely said—actually a few decades before, they, and many outraged people around the world, were probably shouting words far more blasphemous. If not for their outrage, this outdoor gallery of rock art would have been dammed.

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