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Spraying a dab of perfume on myself this morning made me think about camels.

“Camels, I like,” said Aubed, our guide in the Empty Quarter of Oman. “I own some with my cousin.”

“Why do you like them?” I asked.

“Very smart animal. Call their name, they come. Camel milk I like. The meat, too.”

“Do you think we’ll see any camels out here?” I asked Aubed.

“One family still has some. Maybe on the way out.”

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Oman Empty Quarter Bed Roll

 It’s the question we expected after an around-the-world trip for 63 days: “What was your favourite place?”

“Magellan” and I agreed on the answer. “Hiking in all three countries, the juxtaposition of accommodation from a pop-up tent atop a Land Cruiser in Oman to a Burstner campervan in New Zealand to the luxurious Amanpuri Hotel in Bhutan, and the people we met.”

True, but it sounds like it came from a politician’s press release and it’s not the kind of answer friends want, is it?

It felt unfaithful to choose a favourite when each of these unique countries surpassed our (high) expectations. But a multitude of memories from one adventure kept drifting to the top. Our two days in Oman’s Rub’ al Khali, which translates literally into ‘quarter of emptiness,’ commonly called the Empty Quarter.

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