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No, not that White House.

But a thousand years ago, the White House we’re talking about today was a political place.

“I think we should go even though it is a two-hour drive each way,” I said to Magellan over breakfast at Casa de las Olas. “We’ll be sorry if we don’t.”

Leaving the white-sand beach of Tulum that stretches, seemingly to infinity, we headed inland in our rental car, following the ruler-straight highway to the archeological site of Ek’ Balam.

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“I guess this is what we eat for lunch,” said Magellan.

“And this is what we drink,” I said as one of the Mayan women, looking like she was dressed for a party in her magenta blouse and shiny black skirt, her hair slicked back to reveal dangly earrings, placed a large plastic pitcher of milky liquid on the table.

“Is it horchata?” I asked.

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