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Cape Horn

No, this blog is not about rock ’n roll fans screaming their heads off when the Beatles broke into “Oh yeah I’ll, tell you something, I wanna hold your hand.”

It’s about Cabo Hornos. Which has no connection to the Beatles. Not that we know of, anyway.

The “Screaming Sixties” are the gale-force 60-miles/hour winds around Cape Horn, a rocky headland on Hornos Island where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans join forces, winds and waves howling and colliding.

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Torres del Paine Massif

In W. O. Mitchell’s novel about prairie life, wind is a metaphor. But in today’s story about Patagonia’s Frenchman’s Valley, wind is the real force: raw, razor-sharp, and so powerful…well, let me tell you how fierce and after you watch Magellan’s video clip, you’ll see for yourself.

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“Have you been to Antarctica?” Sherri asked me at yoga while we were waiting for the class to begin.

I’ve always said we’d go to the Antarctic (or on any other cruise) when Magellan’s cane and my wheelchair were in danger of colliding. But, as Sherri said, you can’t wait until you’re old; you’ve got to be agile to get in and out of those zodiacs for the many land tours that small cruise ships offer.

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It was just past noon when we arrived at EcoCamp in Patagonia, too late for a major day hike.

“Relax for a bit, then come to the community dome around one and we’ll have lunch ready for you,” said Victor, the check-in guy in his plaid shirt jacket as he led us down the wooden boardwalks to our own little geodesic abode, dome number 14. I asked him about doing the 4.5-hour hike to the base of the Towers lookout. “It’s too late for that; you have to start early. After lunch, I recommend the Serón Woods hike. It’s easy and you’ll be back in lots of time for the 6:30 briefing and introduction to EcoCamp.”

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How can we have been strangers for so long to a pisco sour—now our favourite cocktail? Why didn’t we discover it before we became jubilados, destined to drink mostly wine?

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Argentina Chile Border map

Upright. Straight.
The walls of our long, narrow, country
tunnel north to south
whitened by Pacific waves
and the Snowy Andes—
the wall we share with you,
our neighbour.
Your chest curves,
colours bursting from your graffitied walls,
toes, hot from dancing,
tango in seas Magellan sailed,
your smile endless.
Will paint run between
you and I?


Monte-Fitz-Roy-HDDespite limits settled by a treaty in 1881, there is a long-standing border dispute between Chile and Argentina in the Southern Patagonia Ice Fields between Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Torre that has yet to be mapped.