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Date Oatmeal Cookies

About three-o-clock every afternoon these days when Vancouver’s grey skies darken toward charcoal and heavy rains pummel our flat roof, I need a cookie.

The urge is as strong as when I was a kid getting home from school in the subzero cold of Saskatchewan and wanting mom’s warm “matrimonial cake,” gooey dates sandwiched between buttery rolled oats.

Sorry mom, your recipe has been superseded. But when you find out by what (Date Oatmeal Cookies) and by who (Jenni Willems), I think you’ll be okay with it. Read more


On Friday afternoon, we got the call.

A week later, I locked the door on an almost-empty house.

Imagine that like my mother, you’re eighty-nine years old. You’re moving into a single room in a personal care home in less than a week. Look around. What possessions would you take with you?

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“De gazpacho no hay empacho.”
Translation: “You can never get too much of a good thing, like gazpacho.”
We agree.

With tomatoes voluptuously plumping in the sun on vines across the country, enticing us with their earthy perfume, it’s time for gazpacho.

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100 blogposts!

“I thought we’d work at it for a year,” Magellan confessed when I asked him how long he initially expected we’d be at it, back when he announced his idea for Latitude65 to me over dinner in November 2014.


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Canada 150 Logo

“Look at the cute guy in the siwash sweater,” said my friend Chon. “Hey, he’s coming over here. And I bet he’s going to ask you to dance,” she said.

Given “he” was Magellan, you can see why we patriotically and romantically celebrate July 1. Especially this year on Canada’s 150th anniversary. In honour of the occasion, Parks Canada has created the Discovery Pass 2017, giving everyone in the world free access to our 47 National Parks all year long. So today, on the country’s and our anniversary, let’s go to two of the best.

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When we’re travelling and people hear where we’re from, we get one or the other of these responses: “Vancouver. I love that city. So beautiful. Such great seafood.” Or: “Vancouver. I’d love to go there. I hear it’s so beautiful. And that it has such great seafood.”

One of our favourite local seafoods is spot prawns. They’re the largest commercial species of shrimp found in the Pacific Ocean off Canada’s west coast, about as long as a green bean and as fat as a young carrot. Sweeter and more delicate in taste than most shrimp, they’re recognizable by their bright orange colour and distinctive white spots on their back. Because spot prawn season is so short—about six weeks in May and June, shorter this year—they’re even more of a delicacy that we eagerly look forward to eating and cooking. Read more