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Once upon a time at the edge of a forest beside a river there was a magical place, Glenora, a golden valley in the northern wilds of British Columbia. Even its name had the lilt of birdsong, Glenora: glenn, the Gaelic word for valley; and ora, Spanish for gold.

One Sunday in the summer warmth of June, a man called Magellan and his wife Spice decided they wanted to camp at Glenora after hearing about its charms earlier that afternoon.

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In mid-June, I drove from Latitude 49 near the American border to Latitude 69 at Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea, rescuing Spice along the way from the miners at Dawson City.

Connecting the dots on the 9200 km return trip to Tuktoyaktuk revealed a set of spectacles. The natural spectacles and our impressions from the people we met gave us a whole new view of the North and its people. Read more

The Sealy Tarns Steps hike

When we read about the Sealy Tarns Trek in Scott Cook’s NZ Frenzy hiking guide, I thought, “No way. This seems too much like the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver.”

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Camping in Oman

What was one of my biggest fears in venturing off-road by ourselves through the wadis, beaches and deserts of Oman? Scorpions and camel spiders! I didn’t want to become a part of the food chain in a foreign country.

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Molson Pond

Do you know about the South Chilcotin area of BC?

Until this summer, all we knew was that it was home to gold-rush miners, wild horses and horse-riding dude ranches. And that it was four-wheel-drive country four hours away.

“I think it’s the perfect place for Rove-Inn’s first camping experience,” Magellan concluded, after looking at two books and a trail map he’d purchased.

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Manuka Honeyed Pear, Macadamia & Blue Cheese Salad

A few weeks ago we told you about trading in our car for an old Land Rover, a 2008 LR2. No dog days of summer here—we’ve been busy scouting a rooftop tent, LED lanterns, a camp stove, rollup tables, nonstick pots and pans… Carving out time for the farmers market on Saturday, we found Walter Harvey’s gorgeous pears from the Similkameen Valley—the hottest place in Canada—ripe and ready. Buying non-stick fry pans and juicy pears reminded me of one of the best-tasting salads at Camp Latitude65, invented in Kohanga, our RV in New Zealand. Read more