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Atrio Hotel


I agonized about reserving a room at the Atrio Hotel in Spain’s poorest region, Extremadura.

On the plus side, the hotel was in the ancient walled city of Cáceres, a well-preserved UNESCO site, quiet, haunting and untouristy. Fewer than 400 people live in the “Old Town,” cited as one of the one of the best examples of medieval and renaissance architecture in the world. Atrio’s contemporary design suited our tastes. As did its small size—only 14 rooms. Equally appealing was its Michelin-starred restaurant, renowned for decades before its owners wrapped it inside a modern hotel.

On the minus side, a labyrinth of narrow twisting streets would make it difficult—even for “Magellan,” Kerry’s Latitude65 nickname—to get to its hilltop location. The Atrio is also one of the Relais et Chateaux hotels, often stuffy places that frown (discretely) upon our backpacks. And then there was the price, multiplied by the three nights we wanted to be in Extremadura.

I gulped, and clicked “Book Now.” Read more