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Peso to USD

“Change your money on the black market,” friends who’d been to Argentina advised, “You’ll get 25 percent more than at the banks.”

I was all for it, but Magellan was skeptical. “I don’t want to get robbed in some back alley,” he protested.

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100 blogposts!

“I thought we’d work at it for a year,” Magellan confessed when I asked him how long he initially expected we’d be at it, back when he announced his idea for Latitude65 to me over dinner in November 2014.


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“Have you been to Antarctica?” Sherri asked me at yoga while we were waiting for the class to begin.

I’ve always said we’d go to the Antarctic (or on any other cruise) when Magellan’s cane and my wheelchair were in danger of colliding. But, as Sherri said, you can’t wait until you’re old; you’ve got to be agile to get in and out of those zodiacs for the many land tours that small cruise ships offer.

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Perito Moreno

In Patagonia, we’d arranged a day trip to Perito Moreno. Saying “Perito Merino” made us admire its singsong of syllables. Seeing Perito Moreno made us shiver at the power of its cool beauty.

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Argentina Chile Border map

Upright. Straight.
The walls of our long, narrow, country
tunnel north to south
whitened by Pacific waves
and the Snowy Andes—
the wall we share with you,
our neighbour.
Your chest curves,
colours bursting from your graffitied walls,
toes, hot from dancing,
tango in seas Magellan sailed,
your smile endless.
Will paint run between
you and I?


Monte-Fitz-Roy-HDDespite limits settled by a treaty in 1881, there is a long-standing border dispute between Chile and Argentina in the Southern Patagonia Ice Fields between Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Torre that has yet to be mapped.

Mt. Fitz Roy

“Why did you like the Fitz Roy hike so much?” I asked Magellan before writing this post.

“The young mountains spectacularly framed by the blue sky,” he began. “And the hike has views all the way, you’re never stuck in the trees. Lots of vertical, though. And we had incredible weather.”

Incredible weather? Those of you who have been to Patagonia with its gale-force winds roaring through the Andes (like Karol who was blown over), shrouding the mountains with clouds and pummeling the air with icy snow may wonder what Magellan’s been smoking.

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