Dining on the Edge

On Top

How often do you find three places you’d like to visit (including a great restaurant!) clustered together on a panoramic mountaintop—in a World Heritage area?

Norway is gearing up for 2025, designated as a year of friluftsliv, an outdoor festival from north to south

Oh, Those Healthy Norwegians

Torn ligaments and meniscus. Heart attack. Heart valve replacement surgery. A respiratory illness requiring oxygen. A gall bladder attack. Waitlisted for heart ablation surgery. Pulmonary

A fishing outport on the Cape Shore of the Baie Verte Peninsula

Round Harbour

Can you guess our favourite Canadian ad? Hint #1: Their ad agency needs more shelves to hold its awards. They’ve collected more than 400! Including

If you've got a family wedding coming up, celebrate it Oaxacan style

Calendas, Monos and Marmotas

“Let’s go check out the party,” Magellan said to Karol, Gail and me on a Saturday afternoon in Oaxaca, a brass band, firecrackers and happy

Cascina San Giovanni


Vers sera, specialmente, par de essere in cielo. The Piedmont writer, Cesare Pavese, wrote this about the village of Càstino, on whose outskirts we rented