An amateur videographer bringing motion to the screen. Next goal – talkies

Capturing video on a GoPro 4, a Mavic Air, an iPhone and mirrorless cameras

Homecoming Weekend

Think of your favourite cities to visit. What do they have in common? Vibrance. Culture. Events. Economic stability. A unique sense of place. Chances are

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Balcony House - NPS Photo

What Happened at Mesa Verde?

“People of conspicuous elegance” is how the Ancestral Pueblo people of Mesa Verde have been described. Rarefied living, 8,300 feet above sea level on the

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Gwaii Haanas Medusas

In the Haida language, Gwaii (they prefer Gwaay) means islands, Haanas means beautiful and K’ is the word for a jellyfish with tentacles. Gwaii Haanas is the short

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