Where to see extraordinary creativity

Some of our favourite artists and architects

We jubilados (Spanish for retirees) are constantly on the lookout for art: in galleries, on the street and in the wild

Sagrada Família

It was our first September morning in Barcelona, a trip we’d been planning for months.

Being early-rising jubilados, we were eager to explore the Sagrada Família on our own before our pre-booked tour began.

Nothing prepared us for the awe that awaited.

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Do you remember the first time you saw graffiti art?

If you’re our age, you wouldn’t have tagged on the word “art.” It was just graffiti. Done by disaffected youth, mostly male, spray-can painting loud and incoherent 3-D lettering illegally, in subways and underpasses. Since its emergence in the late 60s graffiti art has grown up, although its locations and presentations are still obstacles to its mainstream acceptance.

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