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We’re jubilados (Spanish for retirees) on the alert for inspiration from our travels be they near (the kitchen) or far (Cape Horn)

Chicken? Not our taste, though many find it “eggs-ellent.” Instead, we flocked off down Alaska’s Taylor Highway for seventeen miles to a camp spot more natural, more scenic. To Milepost 49, on the Dennison Fork of the Fortymile Wild Scenic River, to West Fork Campsite.

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There’s nowhere quite like Røros anywhere in Scandinavia, perhaps even anywhere in the world. (David Nikel, MOON’s Norway.)

Yes indeed, David. For reasons you mention—and more, many more.

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Ballet-slipper pink, wedding-dress white, purest cameo; blossoms are crowning the streets of Vancouver in this, the enchanted season. Read more

“Damn,” we swore, arriving on a Monday to find the Côa Museum closed, its Brutalist architecture looking not unlike the walls of a dam. We had come to see Vila Nova de Foz Côa, 5,000 pieces of open-air rock art, ancient engravings created by artists who peopled the banks of the Côa River—22,000 years ago! Described as the first manifestation of Land Art, the origin of symbolic artistry and the genesis of cultural development, it is an unrivalled source for understanding Palaeolithic art and illuminating the lives of our early ancestors.

Droga barragem (“Damn dam“) was what a lot of Portuguese citizens likely said—actually a few decades before, they, and many outraged people around the world, were probably shouting words far more blasphemous. If not for their outrage, this outdoor gallery of rock art would have been dammed.

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One of the most spectacular festivals in Sicily, the Archi di Pasqua (Easter Arches, also known as Bread Arches) draws thousands of people to the remote town of San Biagio Platani. When we were planning our trip to Sicily, a townswoman Magellan was exchanging emails with wasn’t certain the annual festival would proceed—the EU had cut funding. Days before we left Canada, she reported the townspeople were going ahead on their own.

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Indian Mine stamp mill

Look at this, Magellan says more frequently during COVID, calling me to his computer screen to see the latest camping equipment he’s discovered. Not a better shower or a brighter lantern. It’s big-ticket items. Like a Defender. Pulling a Conqueror UEV-490 trailer, engineered and built in Australia. It is the Swiss Army Knife of off-road trailers. Pretty wow all right. I remind him how well Rove-Inn (mostly) performed on our two-month trip to the southwestern United States. Remember that night in Monarch Canyon Magellan asks, reminding me of being startled awake by Death Valley’s ferocious winds slapping at our canvas Airtop bed in the Funeral Mountains near Hell’s Gate. For half an hour we held down the slats to prevent the wind from whipping our bedroom off to the land of oz. Diverting his dream of a new unit, I remind him we haven’t posted a story on Monarch Canyon and its engineering marvel, an abandoned gold mine.

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