Travel Wisely

From insuring your trip to ensuring you arrive home with good stories

As jubilados (Spanish for retirees) our elemental travel years are declining—we’ve got to use them wisely

Boy! Was I ever shocked when I went to pick up my Hertz rental Toyota RAV SUV in Costa Rica.

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The woman who loves her pots

If you’re a jubilado and you’ve been camping all your life, you may have had a set of flimsy aluminum pots. Like ours, vintage 1970, guaranteed, even at the lowest heat, to burn water, their handles, without a thermal potholder, certain to burn your fingers.

When we bought Rove-Inn three summers ago after a camping hiatus that lasted decades, I tossed those aluminum hazards. And began a weeks-long search for quality cooking pots that wouldn’t burn our food or occupy much space.

Searching “Camping cookware/camping pots” was fruitless. “RV Camping cookware/camping pots” came up short. Sticking “quality” or “best” into the search didn’t help. Don’t ask me what combination of words finally led me to John and Mandi’s blogpost of September 6, 2014. As soon as I saw their photos and read Mandi’s review, I was in love with the Magma 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set.

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Ermitano lady

Do you know what’s wonderful about sitting down to write a story about some place we’ve travelled?  The waves of memories that roll in. And low tide when they don’t, which leads to long conversations when I ask Magellan, “What happened after we left …?” And the quirky stuff we discover when researching a story, like the famous botanist behind the name Hooker Track in New Zealand. But most of all, it’s your comments that stoke our energy for this encompassing, weekly endeavour.

So, to thank you, our readers, we’ve complied a list of the ten blogs that garnered the most (public) comments from you.

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“Where are you going next?” A common Q&A among jubilados isn’t it? Often followed by “What’s on your bucket list?”

A day after a friend (a younger jubilado) said he was done with travel and going green, I was lying on a yoga mat at Granville Island thinking about his decision when the topic of bucket lists, one we’ve been contemplating writing about for some time, resurfaced. The ah-ha moment was realizing “What’s on your bucket list?” might be the wrong question: it may be more important to ask “Why are you going?”

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A generous gift certificate from George and my income tax refund were burning a hole in my pocket. And I had been lusting for a drone to take panoramas of the Mackenzie Delta and pingos near Tuktoyaktuk this June and images of us hiking this fall along ridges and cliffs above the fjords of Norway.

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Have you ever lost your luggage?

“Can you please describe it?”

“It’s black!”

Your valuables are far more vulnerable to theft while travelling abroad than when at home. And if you want to make an insurance claim, you’re going to need a police report. Are you capable of describing in detail what was stolen? Read more