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Mom, Echo and COVID: Mother’s Day, 2020

“Alexa, drop in on Maxine.” “Maxine MacLeod’s Echo Plus, right?” I wait for Echo’s signal at mom’s bedside, room 128, Birchview Home, Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. “Hello mom,” my voice loud even though I’ve upped the volume on her Echo beyond 80%. “How are you?” “Not. too. bad.” (Pause) “What. day. is. it?” And so begins […]

Postcard #8 from Costa Rica: Sloths

At the bar in the Marriott after we introduced ourselves and began nibbling plantones and guacamole, our guide Ben asked the six of us what wildlife we hoped to photograph in Costa Rica. Marion’s answer surprised us. In a country of Resplendent Quetzals, White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, Blue Morph butterflies and yellow-beaked Toucans, she […]

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Postcard #6 from Costa Rica: Mariposas

Mariposa: poetry in a single word. Better than butterfly? A paradise for butterflies, Costa Rica has 1,200 individual species, ten percent of the world’s mariposa population. Throughout the country butterflies are a kaleidoscope of colour, petal wings nectaring in blossoms. A butterfly’s life cycle is a natural source of poetic inspiration—egg to imago (adult) in forty-eight […]