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Alexander Murray Hiking Trail: Steps Above

“One of Newfoundland’s best kept secrets.” Trail Peak, 2020. “In my opinion it’s better than Gros Morne.” Perry Gillingham, mayor of King’s Point, 2016. “Definitely in the top 10 of all the hikes we’ve done worldwide.” Magellan, May 20, 2022. High praise. It made us think. What are we, and most hikers, looking for in […]


Summer Love

Zucchini. Zoo-keen-knee. What a disconnect between its name, free-spirited and lyrical, and the vegetable, ubiquitous and obese, tasteless and dull. (I cringe at the uppityness of calling it courgette, or the spongy connotation of marrow.) Repulsive, as Lorna Crozier describes in “The Sex Lives of Vegetables:” The zucchini strokes the slim waists of the pea vines, […]


Seven Years

August, is that you again? Seven years ago on August 2, Magellan and I launched Latitude 65. For 362 Sundays around 6 a.m., we press a few buttons and MailChimp announces, “aand it’s out there.” Out there hoping some of you will open the link, others will serendipitously stumble upon a story, a few of […]


Roger Jarvis

Watching the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races last week reminded me of Roger Jarvis, past president of “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” I was thirty-one years old, had never made a travel reservation and been outside the country by air only once when Roger hired me to work for him at Jarvis Travel. Besides being […]

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Ålesund: The Edge of the Sea

Every year millions of tourists visit Ålesund, Norway’s prettiest city. For centuries they’ve admired its setting, seven interconnected islands on the Norwegian Sea. And its elegant Art Nouveau style. After a devastating fire in 1904 burnt the city’s traditional wooden buildings to the ground, young architects (financed by international aid) rebuilt Ålesund in stone and brick. […]