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Stavanger Street Art

Vancouver, alas, subscribes to what I call “Hello Kitty” street art. Birds, bees, butterflies, sanctioned mural festival art that, for the most part, doesn’t challenge your thinking beyond “where’s the nearest place for a decaf, low-fat, no-sugar latte?” So it may surprise you, as it did us, to find that in Norway of all places, […]


Grasslands National Park: Geography of Hope

Nowhere else have we travelled where the sky so big, the light so clear, the landscape so revealing, the quiet so widespread, the solitude so profound as in the thanksgiving-yellow plains of southwestern Saskatchewan. Of the many things we’re thankful for this year, our autumn experience at Grasslands National Park claims the foreground. Maybe the […]


The Atlantic Road: Angles of Beauty

The Atlantic Road. Or as they say in Norway, Atlanterhavsveien. Worthy of the grand finale in our mini-series of memorable roads. Magellan and I spent twenty-four hours angling around The Atlantic Road, even though it’s short, zigzagging only 8.3 kilometres over an archipelago of islands.