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When Spice and I camped overnight in Tuktoyaktuk in June 2019, the hamlet appeared battered by nature and in peril. Then while writing our earlier post Tuk, It’s Complicated–Politics:Why was this $300-million road built it became apparent that the north is warming more rapidly than elsewhere challenging  the engineering design and the research that is […]

2021 Fortunes

Has the New Year ever been so welcome? We can’t wait for the next decade, for 2021, for surely, surely, the world’s fortunes will be better, right? You never know.  So to set the mood, Magellan (who had to learn some new programming skills) and I have 21 Fortune Cookies for you to open. From our bubble to […]


Rennell Sound Wilderness Adventure

Conehead, Rove-Inn’s most remote (and perhaps most memorable) camp spot. On Rennell Sound, Haida Gwaii, the only point on the west coast of Graham Island accessible by vehicle. Our destination, 15 km in, first-come, first-serve, no reservations, no potable water, no internet, and no cell-phone coverage: the single spot at Gregory Beach; or Conehead, further […]

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Hello! I’m George. What’s Your Name?

One of the unfortunate disappointments of COVID–19 has been the cancellation of a party of a dear friend. For two years George Taylor has been planning to invite 90 of his friends and family to his 90th birthday celebration. Because his wife Marsha and I are the same age, born two days apart, I’ve piggy-backed […]